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2015 year-end Assembly

Release time:2017-07-11 14:44 Source:Dongrun
Gently winter will soon be gone, full of passion and hope of spring, the forward sections from us
           Tonight we gather, recall the glory days, spring outlook Miles
           Tonight we gather, excited hands reach mellow wine, fresh flowers and a certificate haunted triumph warriors
           Beautiful melodies flying in the sky, which will be a part of our open spring brilliant night

Storm five years, five years, you care Dongrun Yong forefront in the market competition
I hear your voice era of innovation and development of strong, I saw you perform the rise of the myth
You are our hope that our common home
      Five years of hard work, tears are chic, we go to the market to find differences find positioning
Extension outlets open channels to seek planning, cited Fengshen hippocampus park to expand the proportion of diversification

       Thanksgiving every drop it nourishes me, Thanksgiving each flower aroma it gives me
Thanksgiving Baiyun knit every one of my dreams, every ray of sunshine Thanksgiving hold my hopes
Thanksgiving help me make me feel good, grateful people who hurt me so I learned to be strong
Grateful to our parents give my life