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Motor vehicle license Installation instructions

Release time:2017-07-11 14:45 Source:Dongrun
1, to ensure that the license plate is installed without any deformation and drilling, and substantially perpendicular to the ground, the error is less than 15 degrees
2, when the license is installed on each side there is a license to use the two press organs designations solid seal means holding special licenses
3, the front plate must be installed in the middle of the front of the lower part of the body or the front-right position
4, the plate must be installed in the vehicle in the middle or lower part of the front-left position
5, where after October 1, 1992 the production of various types of motor vehicles must be manufactured according to the above requirements and plate sizes to design appropriate installation location, or license plate frame
6, a large truck and trailer must write this number plate spray enlarged number in the steeplechase at 2.5 times zoom font, font standard is consistent with the number plate
7, a large truck trailer side plate should hang trailer (trailer license plate with the host), and sprayed zoom number, issued driving license. That the host is not a license plate with trailer
Add new provisions:
(A) provides that "Road Traffic Safety Law" Article 11.2: The motor vehicle plate shall be hung in accordance with the provisions and be kept clear, complete, and may not be covered or stained. (B) "safe operation of motor vehicles technical conditions" (GB7258-2004) 8.10 provides: front and rear of the vehicle are provided to any license holder, the license should be located in the middle of the front or right front, rear license plate should be located in the back seat the middle or the left. (C) "People's Republic of China Public Security Industry Standards - People's Republic of China motor vehicle license plate" provisions (GA36-2007) 7.1 of: 1. Front plate is installed in the middle of the front end of the vehicle or the right, after the plate is installed in the middle of the rear end of the vehicle, or left, should not affect the safety of driving and vehicle identification number plate; 2. Plate installation to ensure no distortion and cover plate, transverse horizontal and vertical substantially perpendicular to the ground, vertical angle ≤15 °; 3. In addition to temporary entry vehicle license plate and a temporary driving car number plate, but when to use each other motor vehicle license plate installation surface pressure of at least two unified licensing authority have special code number plate solid seal device is fixed; 4. When using the auxiliary mounting plate holder, license plate frame inside edge from the edge of the vehicle registration number of characters is greater than 5mm; 5. Temporary entry and temporary car license plate with the number plate should be placed on the front right side of the windshield, temporary entry of motorcycle number plate should be onboard.