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Release time:2017-07-11 14:45 Source:Dongrun
Good tools are prerequisite to the successful execution of a job.
DONGFENG CHINA TRUCK DRIVERS COMPETITION is the world's largest truck driver contest,is the industry’s highest level of truck driver contest,also is a socially useful activity that caring for the truck driver,the conest has promoted from a Dongfeng marketing activities to a national truck racing,the competition has attracted a huge entry.
The third preliminary DONGFENG CHINA TRUCK DRIVERS COMPETITION held on Hubei Dongrun Special Purpose Vehicle Co.,Ltd in June 9,2017.

The leaders cheer for the contestants

The contestant took photos with the Dongrun trailer

The referee explained the competitiom rules

The winner was standing happily on the platform

It didn't affect the enthusiasm of the contestants,although it was raining, and the competition ended perfectly with cheers.We should admire the truckers who have dreams and work hard for them,Heartfelt thanks the DONGFENG CHINA TRUCK DRIVERS COMPETITION provide the stage that help our truck drivers to achieve their dream.