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The implementation of Dongrun 6S management

Release time:2017-07-12 15:27 Source:Dongrun
6S including:SEIRI,SEITON,SEISO,SETKETSU,SHITSUKE,SAFETY.Because its Japanese Pinyin in Rome begins with "S", it is abbreviated as "6S".
SEIRI:Give and take, leave behind,
SEITON:Use shortcut ,layout science,
SEISO:Clear the rubbish ,beautify the environment,
SETKETSU:Clean environment,carry through at last,
SHITSUKE:Form habits,self-management,
SAFETY:Plan ahead,safety first.
6S is an effective way to improve the scene.
6S is the source of all change.
An enterprise if even can’t meet the 6S requirements,it's hard to imagine that it can produce high quality products,or have highly qualified staff.
6S through the creation of a safe, comfortable and bright working environment, to enhance the overall quality of employees, thereby creating a first-class corporate image. People need to cultivate good habits, Dongrun 6S also Methodically advancing.

Finished-parts storage,all the semi trailer are classified parking,uniform,elegant appearance.

Employees vehicles parking areas,also“One radish,one hole”,are arranged to a nicety.

The producing departments site planning layout in accordance with threeprinciples:the shortest time distance,logistics unobstructed, optimal modified principle.

Workshop colleagues, tooling, safety helmets, all kinds of protective clothing,there was not one less,dress more uniform, and more secure.

The machines are neatly laid and wiped clean.As long as we work hard, we can do everything well.

The colleagues are wearing work clothes,adorningthe work card, looked spirited.

We believe in our joint efforts of all Dongruncolleagues , our company can become better and better.