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Why Europe and the aluminum trailer penetration rate of 70%?

Release time:2017-07-10 14:48 Source:admin
European and American aluminum vehicle research and development over 30 years of history, the current aluminum trailer penetration rate reached 70%, while domestic aluminum products in the freight transport market share of only about 1%, aluminum trailer of studies in its infancy. The past two years, the domestic aluminum trailer manufacturing enterprises emerge as Sheng Motor Co., jungle car, Yu Li Industrial, etc., but the market situation is not clear.
Analysis of European and American aluminum trailer I developed so rapidly causes:
Aluminum excellent energy-boosting properties:
Aluminum has a series of excellent features, such as low density, light weight, high strength, flexibility, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, easy surface coloration, good formability and high recycling and other automakers extensive use Aluminum makes total vehicle mass reduced, thus reducing fuel consumption; the low fuel consumption, light weight, less emissions vehicles, pollution levels will decline; high recovery of scrap cars, aluminum auto parts can be recovered substantially , recycling require less energy, and aluminum can be recycled many times.
    Coming decades, aluminum is to reduce transport costs, save energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the development of recycling economy, improve transportation efficiency and most preferably metal structural materials. Foreign respected lightweight aluminum trailer is intended to reduce fuel consumption, energy saving, while the domestic lightweight aluminum vehicle weight fees considered part of the problem, to some extent resulted in the domestic aluminum trailer popularity slowly.
Foreign government to raise fuel standards stringent emissions:
An important reason for the popularity of foreign aluminum trailer is the government's policy direction in energy shortages and environmental pollution pressure, the government requires auto manufacturers to increase fuel standards and energy conservation standards and promote the development of the industry legalization and standardization. Advantages in terms of lightweight aluminum, making the car manufacturers have developed lightweight technology and products, it has been widely used aluminum trailer.
Domestic, national fourth stage IV emission standard national vehicle emission standards will be implemented step by step, on emissions control, the national IV standard motor vehicle Ⅲ needs on the basis of the country further reduced by 30% to 50% of the contaminant to compliance. Mainland currently only Beijing, Shanghai, the Pearl River Delta region to implement the standard. In contrast, imported heavy truck market in China has reached the national IV emission standards.
According to the development experience of the European and American aluminum trailer, the domestic aluminum trailer manufacturing will have a huge space for development, the need to increase the government policy, technology research and development and promotion of universal aspects of efforts to implement, to narrow the gap, thereby achieving energy conservation standards .