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Why long situ hot car is not necessary?

Release time:2017-07-10 14:48 Source:admin
Disadvantages 1: gasoline consumption. White stop there burned 10 minutes idling gasoline, and no different from the usual traffic jams.
Drawbacks 2: produce coke. A long time idling operation of the engine combustion is incomplete, will produce more carbon, it will produce more if the temperature is low, so that the long situ hot car without effective protection engine, but let the engine's health compromised.
3 disadvantages: air pollution. Because hot car idling in situ catalytic converter is not up to normal operating temperature, so harmful gases can not be effectively purified, protect the air, everyone's responsibility ......
Principle: as long as the engine running, all the parts inside of it on the whole movement up, the oil also from the moment of ignition from the oil pump to pump out, play a role in the cycle of cooling and lubrication in the engine. However, when the low temperature viscosity of the oil will have a significant need for a cycle time, this time for about 20 seconds. The other to "hot" part there and coolant injection system, but it also is in half a minute to a minute to cycle in place. Even in the winter, low temperatures, for 1 minute in situ hot car is enough, is not necessary after one minute. If you intend to rely on in-situ let idle speed and water temperature are up to par value, 10 minutes, I am afraid we can not do.
The only correct way hot car: low speed. In situ hot car for half a minute to 1 minute, speed stabilized, you can hit the road hanging files, control the speed should not exceed 2000 rpm, gentle and steady shift fuel, which is the most standard method most correct hot car. Energy saving, environmental protection, less carbon.
In fact, even in this very cold winter weather, winter situ hot cars only need half a minute to one minute, and then a long time is not necessary, but other times can be shorter season, traveling at a low speed Slowly heat the car is the only correct way